And now the moment you’ve all bee waiting for!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The DRAWING!

Okay, so only a few people are waiting for this. Here’s how it all went down. We had a total of seven entries. Here’s the breakdown:

1) Beckie ‘The Bulldog’ Tetrault (comment)
2) Beckie ‘The Bulldog’ Tetrault (tweet)
3) BookAttict (comment)
4) Frank”RIosian” Roberts (comment)
5) Frank”RIosian” Roberts (tweet)
6) aaron brown (comment)
7) queenohearts (tweet)

Now to do it in this manner would be far too simple, right? I had to make this a little more interesting. So here’s what I did:

1) Beckie ‘The Bulldog’ Tetrault (comment)
3) BookAttict (comment)
4) aaron brown (comment)
7) Frank”RIosian” Roberts (tweet)
8) Beckie ‘The Bulldog’ Tetrault (tweet)
10) Frank”RIosian” Roberts (comment)
11) queenohearts (tweet)

That’s right. I randomized the list and made it go to 12! Why? I don’t have a 10 sided die, but I’ve got a 12 sided die. So I rolled a 12 sided die to see who won! Guess who won! Here’s the first roll.

First roll was a 12! Oh, wait. That misses. Hmmm. Let me try that again.

Second roll was a 6! Uh… one second.

Third roll was a 1! I was worried there for a minute.

There you have it! I will make sure an email gets out to Beckie straightaway to see what format she’d prefer and send her off some books. A lot of books!

For the rest of you in the contest, I’ve but one question, would you like one of my books? Yes. Just for playing along I’ll let you pick a book from my titles. Just let me know which title and format you’d like and I’ll fire it over to you just to say thank you for coming along.

Beckie! Congratulations! You’ll have many days of happy reading ahead of you. I hope you enjoy the bundle of books headed your way. 🙂

I now return this blog to its regularly scheduled zaniness.

Until Next Time!


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