Weekly Update: SUPER MOON! Birthday! Rejection!

So over the weekend there was a supermoon. I also had my birthday on the Super-Moon eve. I’m a Cancer, a moon-child, so I was giddy as can be. It was also a special birthday. My b-day is June 22nd and if you double that, you’ll figure out how old I am (22+22 or 22×2 take your pick). So it was an extra special birthday. I was in Scottsdale all last week so I spent my birthday getting a great sunburn despite all my efforts. We went with the whole family as we do every year. We got 7 rooms at the Orange Tree Golf Resort. My favorite daughter made me walk/workout daily. I also swam and I swam and I swam all over the dam.

The week building up to the vacation was stressful enough as it was. I got some writing done, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. This week I’m back to work and stressing out over all that went wrong at work the week I was gone. I’m also packing and getting ready to move. We need to be out this weekend. Then it’ll be the 4th of July. Then I’ll be taking my favorite daughter up to Peperdine University for a week long volleyball camp. Needless to say, getting writing done just doesn’t sound like it’ll happen any time soon.

On a happier note, while in Scottsdale I got to see Jack Mangan. We played forbidden Island. We played Pirate Flux. We had Rita’s (Italian Ice and frozen custard). It was a great time had by all (well, at least by me). Jack is awesome.

If you haven’t guessed yet, my brain is all over the map so it’s probably best that I’m not writing at the moment. I fear if I wrote anything it would be a rambley mess sort of like this post. There’s just so much going on that I can’t keep my head straight.

For those keeping score on my movie hatred:

Star Trek: Into Darkness – hated it. Trying to be too much of an action flick and less of a sci-fi Star Trek Movie

Superman – hated it. Superman isn’t a killer, he’s a thinker.

World War Z – Liked it. Started with a bang, had many odd plot holes and didn’t follow the book, and ended with a slow drop. Still fun

The End of the World – OMFG! This movie is inappropriate, funny, and irreverent. LOVED IT! If you like crude jokes and half the stars in this movie, they all parody themselves and it’s funny as hell (literally).

I’m anxious to see Pacific Rim and The World’s End (the movie I thought I was going to see when we saw The End of the World). Other than that, most movies this summer don’t interest me. I might have to dig into my black-and-white stockpile and see what else to watch while I get caught up on the Three Stooges.

I think it’s time for me to go to bed. My brain isn’t cooperating and my eyes are going in and out of focus. Maybe I should start drinking. Hmmm…

Until Next Time!


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  1. I hope life slows down for you soon so that you can get back to writing. Good luck with the move!

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