Weekly Update: Sometimes my mind tends to wander.

I wrote this post once. Let’s see if it’ll work a second time around.

Sometimes my mind tends to wander. Take right now for instance. I’m sitting here eating a Reece’s Peanut Butter cup and next to me is a big old bag of pretzels. Let’s listen in to what Jay’s mind is thinking…

Mmmmm. I like Reece’s.

I like pretzels.

Peanut-butter-stuffed pretzels are good.

Chocolate-covered pretzels are good.

What if someone made chocolate-covered, peanut-butter-stuffed pretzels?


What if someone made pretzels stuffed with mini Reece’s?


My mind scares me some times.

Speaking of scared, I haven’t written a lick in nearly two months. Well, okay. I have. It’s been more like a month with no words. I’m not calling 2013 a miss just yet. I’ll get back on track, but I doubt I’ll hit all the marks I wanted to hit this year. Just means I’ll need to focus harder when I do sit and write.

The move took a lot out of me. Taking my favorite daughter far far away for volleyball camp took a lot out of me. Packing. Unpacking. Driving. Stressing about money during the move. Stressing about how my favorite daughter is doing while she’s not at home. Stressing about work and the time I took off and all the deadlines that are looming closer and closer. The size and scope of the projects I’m working on and the number of people using the applications I’m developing.

Deep breath. Long pause.

There. I’m all better now. Sorry about that. Needless to say, there’s a lot on my plate and I need to start clearing things away so I can deal with other things that are in my way. Once I’ve done that, I can hit the writing hard and fast and start to crank out some books that are piling up in my head. There’s a backlog that needs unblocking and the words will rush out like the wind once I start writing again. I just know it.

That said, there’s still much unpacking to do. I’d better get at it so there’ll be more time for writing.

Until Next Time!


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