The torture will continue until exercise improves!

Me: Ow! Ow! Ow! I’m in pain kid. Please don’t make me run tonight.

My Favorite Daughter: Oh, quit being such a big baby. I need to run and you’re going with me. Get up.

Me: No, you don’t understand. My legs ache. I feel like I’ve broken something.

MFD: Did I say I cared? I said you’re going with me and we’re going running.

Me: Why do you hate me? Can’t you just let me die in peace?

MFD: Quit being such a big baby.

At this point she threw the keys to sputtery truck at me. This time we didn’t go to the high school track where the entire marching band could watch us jog in circles. Oh no. That was too dignified. This time we went to Cuyamaca College and used their track. Running in the dark is so much better.

Ok, it wasn’t that dark, but compared to the bright lights of the high school football field, it’s DARK! It’s also right next to a big hill near all the wildlife. Yes, I life in San Diego, but I’m out in East County where we’re next to the wildlife and everything. I’ve seen Coyotes chasing Road Runners (and yes, I yelled BEEP BEEP!)

So we went to the track and started jogging in circles. I was in pain (no, seriously!) so I walked, then jogged, then walked, then jogged. Then got lapped by my favorite daughter who laughed at me. <grumble> Eventually we neared the 30 minute mark and little miss I’m-going-to-lap-my-father-and-laugh-at-him SCREAMS! Okay, other than a bunch of bunnies that were hanging around eating grass and dandelions (I should have brought them one of my favorite daughter’s green smoothies) there wasn’t anyone else on the track. If you have a kid and you hear them scream, it really gets your blood pumping to figure out what happened. I made it to catch up to her in record time (pain was quickly forgotten). When I got to her, she was running in circles making a whining sound with her hands over her head.

MFD: Is it gone?

Me: Is what gone?

MFD: The bat! It attacked me. Twice! <more whining commenced>

Me: Maybe it wanted a weed smoothie

MFD: <the bat now forgotten> They’re not weeds and they’re good for you

Me: I think I see that bat

MFD: No no no no

I’m still in pain, but the laugh was well worth it. Apparently my favorite daughter has my mom’s fear of flying things. Perhaps I’ll post a story about why one day.

Until Next Time!


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