Sometimes she gets my sense of humor

This weekend was a lot of yard work. A LOT of yard work. Part of that yard work was cutting down an ugly tree by the front door of the house. Once it was chopped down I had to cram the thing into a trash can so I had to cut it into small enough pieces so it would fit.

The wife and my favorite daughter were digging little holes and planting plants. It was a good time had by all as we were out in 103F weather doing yard work. Yeah.

As I was chopping this tree into trashcan-sized bits, I held a branch out to my favorite daughter.

ME: Hey kid, should we save this for your green smoothies?

MFD: yeah, and I saw some great dandelions in the neighbor’s yard. Let me grab those too.

This led to much laughter, dropping of shovels, and inadvertent holes getting dug.

Once I finished with chopping the tree into bits, I went to help with the planting of plants and flowers. The wife holds her hand out like a doctor and says “I need the stoopy.” She will deny to the ends of time that she didn’t say ‘Stoopy’. She said ‘Scoopy’. I know what I heard her say and it was another round of laughter by all, dropping of stoopies, shovels, and plants.

After two or three hours in the hot, hot sun, we were all quite silly, but the yard work got done, we all relaxed in the AC while drinking cold beverages, and it was nap time.

This was a good weekend. Yes, yes it was.

Until Next Time!


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