I’m so excited I had to type in all CAPS! BILLY BARBARIAN is available everywhere great ebooks are sold! (well, except kobo which seems to be stuck at the moment). So go forth and spread the word! Spread it far and wide! Tell everyone you know! And hey! If you repost, post to your facebook timeline, post on twitter, post in any social media for that matter, and send me the link to your post (or if I stumble upon it) I will send you the coupon code to get the ebook FREE (from smashwords).

Help me launch Billy! WOO WOO!

Billy Barbarian

Billy Barbarian – Sethopolis

For a barbarian, life is simple. Hunt. Eat. Build. There’s not much else. But for Billy Barbarian there has to be more to life. So he’s decided to head down to the big city and check things out. In the mighty, booming metropolis of Sethopolis Billy seeks employment, and finds it. His first job is to protect Ms. Celine Dijon while she is giving a concert at Stump Arena. Through his assignment, Billy gets to meet the famous real estate developer, Ronald Stump.

But the fun and joy don’t last long, as Billy uncovers a plot against Ms. Celine’s life. Can this sturdy barbarian do what needs to be done to protect her? Is he strong enough and quick witted enough?

Join Billy, Jack Indabocks and Phat Cao as Billy tries to deal with dragons, skyscrapers, wizards, and evil plots as they try to keep Ms. Celine safe. Will his first job in the big city be his last? Find out!

eBook ($2.99)


Print ($9.99)


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