Wait, I don’t have anything to say!


Yesterday I was going to post about the superbowl and my thoughts, but it was pretty depressing when the best part of the game was rooting for a shutout. Sorry Broncos, you weren’t worth watching (congratz Seattle!)

Then I thought, maybe I’d post about the great commercials from the superbowl, but sadly it appears that it costs way too much to have a commercial in the superbowl, that the commercials were just plain average. Sure, there were a couple cute ones, but for the most part, they were just commercials.

Then I thought maybe I’d post about the half-time show, but I thought the Chili Peppers would have a little more stage time and Bruno Mars, are great as an entertainer as he is, doesn’t play music that I enjoy. I like watching him perform, but could do without his songs. That’s just my opinion.

Then I thought I’d post about the AWESOME carnitas my father-in-law made, but that’s just mean when you can’t smell or taste the awesomeness (and I forgot to take pictures)

Then I realized that was out of ideas on what to post for this week. I had thought that this blog post would just write itself. Perhaps I’d have an entire week’s worth of content because of that great game.

Then I realized that not everyone in the world watches the superbowl. Heck, not everyone in the United States watches the superbowl (and many of those that watch the big game, don’t watch football on a regular basis. So by having an entire week dedicated to all things superbowl was rather short-sighted of me. So once I have something interesting to say, I will say it. Until then, I’ll keep my head down and write like a mad-man!

Until Next Time!


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