A Book giveaway by Jennifer Melzer


Jennifer Melzer is a close personal friend of mine. She’s got a new book coming out and I thought you’d like to hear about it. Heck, I just found out about it because I’ve had my head stuck in the sand. When I’m writing a book,I tend to do that. Sorry.

Anyway, this isn’t about me. This is about Jenny (see, we’re close, personal friends so I don’t call her Jennifer).

Jenny appeared on my radar way back when she launched The Goblin Market podcast book. I can’t find a link to the audio, so you’ll have to suffer with the reading type version. Anyway, yes, way back even before she was Mrs. Melzer. She was good then and has only gotten better.

Her latest book, Edgelanders, looks to be amazing.  Not only that, She’s GIVING AWAY COPIES! You like free. You like helping people out. Take a moment, see if this is something you’d like and join in the fun! Jenny is a great person and it would be awesome to get more word out about what she’s doing. There’s a deadline! So act fast if you want a free book (there are ebook giveaways as well as print editions!)

Stop reading already and go! Go NOW!

Until Next Time!


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