I won’t bore you with the details (too much)


How’s it going?

So, I’ve been absent from the blog for a while. I just looked, and for me, it’s been quite a while. Sorry about that.

When last we spoke I was talking about how I write so darned fast. Then life hit and hit pretty hard. Oh, I was still writing for a time and I’m still on track to hit my annual word count for the year, but things have ground slowly down to a dead stop.

I haven’t written in a few weeks now. The reasons are many, but mostly I’ve been spending time with family. This part I won’t go into details. If you’d really like to know what’s happening, ask me in person.

Even though life does happen, there is a time to move past that. I will be posting daily word counts once things have gotten back into a normal groove. That also means I’ll get back to daily blogging.

I’ve dropped the ball and it’s time to pick it back up again. At one point i was 27,000 words ahead of my annual goal. I’m not a couple thousand behind. What I know about myself is that I can get back on track and write like a fury when I need to and right now, I feel I need to.

I owe a couple of friends blog posts. if you’re reading this, know that I will be getting those posts done and to you as soon as possible (hopefully next week).

I will also get back into Twitter. I haven’t been very active over there either. I miss my twitter pals. 🙂

I will also be getting active on facebook. I’ve left that alone for too long.

I also need to get back to my writing group over at sffworld.

And then good reads. I may not have been writing, but I’ve been reading. A lot! I’ve read a dozen books in the past month. I normally don’t read that much, but it’s helped to get my brain distracted. Well, that and a couple games on facebook :).

So when I finished my giant robot book I jumped into Asteroid Bunnies. That was supposed to be a shorter book, and it really wants to be a full-length novel. So I hopped into Almost-Super Heroes. Then I looked at the 5 books I need to actually edit, cover, and get out into the world. Then i tried to figure out just what the hell i was doing. Then I started doubting what I was doing and tried to come up with a game plan. Then life happened. Then…I just put writing aside for a while.

I needed the break. I really did. My head feels clearer and I’m ready to get back at it. I have a lot I want to accomplish and a lot of words ahead of me. As I said, I’ve got 5 books written that I need to edit and/or apply edits to. I need to do covers, interior design, etc. I need to get those books out there.

March saw my best book sales to-date, and also a few awesome reviews. I need to get up off my hiney and get back to work. Them words ain’t gonna write themselves.

What have you been up to?

Until Next Time!


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