Getting back to a routine.

It’s not easy to admit when you’ve fallen out of a routine. There are many reasons why this might happen, but it happens. You’ll be trucking along doing awesome then BAM! You wonder how you could have allowed it all to just slip.

Well, I have. I haven’t written in about 60 days. I have looked at my spreadsheet in about a month. It’s not that the desire to write has gone. I do want to sit and actually write. It’s that the drive has left me. Many life events happened that have clogged up my brain and aren’t allowing me to do what I used to do; sit and write.

I’ve mentioned many of the things that are draining me as of late. Some of those things have eased, some have increased, some have stayed the same. Work is pushing into my free time, my favorite daughter is getting busier with after school events, there’s a new vehicle that’s had to go back to the shop to make it even better, training for work that’s eating up my brain space.

Sitting here I could make excuses all day as to why I’m not currently writing anything, but in the end, I’m just not. I’m making up a lot of excuses as to why I’m not doing anything. My biggest excuse is that I’m writing two different stories at the same time and both have far larger casts than I normally write. They’re all new characters that I haven’t written before. The stories are quite different (super-hero with gods, and military sci-fi). Both are making me stretch my writerly muscles and I’m resisting that stretch.

What do I need to do?

This I’ve given a lot of thought as I’ve gotten caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Game of Thrones. I do mean a lot of thought. Like, why am I watching TV when I could be writing? Why as I spending time doing A when I should be doing B? Rather than spending so much time reading Doctor Sleep, why am I not writing my own book? Yes, a writer needs to read, but a writer also needs to write.

I did do a couple guest blog posts. I was happy with how those came out. I did a short story. I was also happy with it. I was a guest on a podcast and that was great fun to talk about the writing I’ve done and the writing I plan to do. In the end, I’ve just allowed my writing to fall by the wayside.

So, starting today (not tomorrow, not Monday, not the first of the month) I will get my 1,100 words written. I will not focus on getting caught up, but writing forward. Yes, I’ve fallen behind my annual goal, but if I sit and start to write daily once more, I know the words will come. I’ll have days where I’ll write far beyond my 1,100 words. That’s just the way my brain works.

I had said in my last post that I would start to post my daily word counts. That will still happen. I’ll start to blog more often as well. Maybe not as long as this, maybe not as thought out as this, but I’ll start to get something into the feed more often.

For now, I need to go make some words happen, then get a jump on my day!

Until Next Time!


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  1. It happens to me on a regular basis. I fret during those times of non-writerly productivity, but then I remember I’ll get back into it – eventually. No need to stress too much.

    Glad to see you are getting back to it, too. 🙂

  2. Thank you Nilla! It feels good to be back. So many characters running around inside my head just demanding to get out 🙂

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