Daily Log: 2018-08-16

Hey Crew,

Busy day today with work. For those that don’t know, my new position at work is in the Date Leakage and Prevention group. This is a fascinating new area and not something I ever thought I’d be working on. The first part of the year, my duties were painfully dull but extremely interesting. My new duties have me taking that new and interesting knowledge, and using my old skills in web development to generate reports on the data we’re collecting to allow it to be better analyzed and utilized.

So much going on and it seems to change every couple of weeks. Really keeps the team on its toes.

I did get kneedeep into editing and added (and probably removed) a few hundred words from Almost-Super Heroes 2.  I did find a couple issues and strange names that needed fixing right out of the box. Not sure how I managed that. Very likely when I jumped into book 2, I knew where I wanted to go and skipped ahead without explaining to the reader what was going on. Easy enough to fix and move on. Very glad I went back through all the books and skimmed this one as well. I should be able to complete my read through and start adding new words to this book in the coming days.

Feels so good to be writing once more. I can’t wait to start re-releasing these books and get the new stories out to see what people think. I’m going to try and get more done before calling it a night.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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