Daily Log: 2018-08-18

Hey Crew,

I’m sitting in front of the computer for the first time today. Crazy busy day. What does that mean? No editing today. Sorry. Tomorrow is a different day.

The morning started out normally enough, but the Mrs. and I had an errand to run south of the border and it took some time getting back. I dropped her off at her afternoon workout and had a couple more errands to run.

Once everyone was back home, it was off to my nephew’s 2nd b-day party. If you’ve ever been to a Mexican birthday party, they start late and go even later. This one, honestly, ended earlier than most. It was still a great time had by all. Wonderful party and it’s always great when the family gets together.

Sorry for the short post, but I’m exhausted. Expect actual progress tomorrow.

Until Next Time.

Stay Awesome!

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