Daily Log: 2018-08-28

Hey Crew,

Weird day today.

I took a partial day off from work to spend time at the Grossmont School DisctictAdvisory Board meeting. I’m invited every year since I work in a technical field and My Favorite Daugther went to a school in the Grossmont district. It’s a fun time and I learn a lot about what’s happening in the district and get to offer feedback and advice.

My plan, when I got home, was to practice a little bass, and write. First, though, I was hungry and decided to make some food. I ate, watched a little news. I have no idea how much because I promptly fell asleep.

When I woke up, I didn’t feel right, so I did a little cleaning around the house, picked up after the dogs, watered the plants.

The Mrs. got home and we talked for a bit. Then I plugged in and practiced for a little bit. Learning a couple new songs and trying to increase the complexity of the songs I’m playing. You can only play The Ramones and the Misfits for so long 🙂

After that, there was a pack of coyotes in the neighborhood so I went outside to make sure all was alright. They were over the hill, but close enough to the house to make me nervous for the puppies. So I walked them and closed the doggie door.

Then my favorite daughter finally got home. We talked with her for a bit. I shared with her some news from her teacher from High School. Walked the dogs again, and realized I’d let the day get away from me.

I did write! I wrote a few hundred words, but I did write.

I know, I know. Writers write. Write, write, write, read, read, read. I did my reading in the morning and I might be shifting to doing my writing in the morning since the evenings seem to get away from me.

I’m working on it and keeping mental notes of what’s distracting me. I will give it a go with writing first thing in the morning and we’ll see what happens. I’ve got characters rolling around in my head demanding to get out. I need to do that.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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