Daily Log: 2018-09-03

Hey Crew,

Ah, Labor Day. The day before was crazy busy ending with My Favorite Daughter coming home at 3am and leaving to go hiking at 6am. I’m not young and spry anymore so I was tired. I took a couple of naps. Watched a couple of movies (I love me some Sinbad the Sailor). I practiced bass for a couple of hours.

I also write 1100 words. I would have written more, but it was a lazy day and I spent more time reading than writing.

Two things an author must do. Read, read, read. Write, write, write. I did both today. Just not in volume. Tomorrow I will strike out again in earnest. I’m deep into the latest book, nearly at 60,000 words. I’m building up to the big batter where there will be betrayal on both ends. I already know what will happen and I’m having great fun writing my way there.

I did some reading about Amazon Ads today. I may be utilizing those next year, but wanted to see what others are doing and what kind of success they’re seeing. I won’t start using them until I have a better offering new book covers across my series. V&A Shiping 1 will re-release later this month with V&A Shipping 2 next month. I’m excited to be doing this and I can’t wait to get those book released as well as GRPC1 so I can begin releasing the new books.

Yes, I’m going slow right now. You may not think 1000 words a day is slow, but for me, it’s painfully slow and I know my speed will only increase as I get my butt into the chair more and more. I’ve already written more in 3 days than I wrote all last month. Last month was only a handful of days, but I didn’t get as far as I should have. I know exactly why and I’m taking steps to rearrange my schedule so there is more time for writing and less time for excuses.

One of the big things I need to do is get a good night’s sleep. I’m off to do just that and maybe read for a touch longer before crashing.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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