Daily Log: 2018-09-06

Hey Crew,

Another day getting back up to speed (i.e. trying to spend more time in the chair). I knocked out 1500 words, finished a chapter, I’m happy with the progress even if it’s a bit slower than I’d like.


When I do sit and type, the words are flowing. I knew this would happen. The more I write, the more I want to write. And when I do write, I type very fast.

My only distraction today was for about an hour when My Favorite Daughter’s boyfriend  stopped by and we shared some Halloween cereal. I like cereal, but I have a weakness for Halloween cereals.

There was that, and I let the dogs out to chase him (he was hiding from me after ringing the doorbell) and the dogs, being the great guard dogs they are, took off running. So they ended up getting a walk out of the deal and I got some cereal.

Today was mostly normal. I did the day job stuff, worked out, did some laundry, and wrote. Also watched Big Brother with the Mrs. as we do on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday. The season will wrap up in a couple weeks and I will be dedicating that hour to writing.

As I said, the more I write, the more I want to write. Just need to make sure it happens on the writing computer so I’m free from distractions. Today I started out on the home PC and kept getting news pop-ups and, as I’ve said, I’m drawn into the news.

Once I moved to the writing computer, things went much faster. I recommend having a dedicated writing computer. But something that will run little more than the software you need to actually write. If I’d been on this computer the entire time, I think I could have done over 2000 words in the hour (little more) I wrote.

Tomorrow I’m on this computer earlier. Let’s see what happens. The story is coming into the final battle scene. When I blog tomorrow, I’ll talk a little bit about my process and how I plan, plot (or don’t), and think through my books. More for me than you, but it’ll give me a topic to focus on instead of my usual ramblings.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Harvey Stanbrough

    But the ramblings are good too. I particularly enjoy scrambled ramblings and toast early in the morning, along with coffee and a good cigar.

    • Cigars, they arent just for breakfast, anymore :-). I will likely always ramble, just need to see if I can keep the streak alive.

      I forgot to note that I’m now up to 2 weeks of writing daily. Gaining steam. Having fun.

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