Daily Log: 2018-09-18

Hey Crew,

Another short post tonight. Was up way too early, so I’m going to bed early to get a full night’s sleep. Will be up at 4am again tomorrow.

After getting up so darned early today, I thought I’d write. I was tired, but could still write, right?

Yeah, no. Had an awful headache and decided to watch an episode of the X-Files I had recorded and never watched. Started the day job early and got right at it. Did my workout, took a short nap before taking a shower. Dinner, dishes, some bass practice.

Then I say to write but couldn’t shake this headache. since going vegetarian, my sinuses have pretty much been under control. Not sure why they were so bad today.

Still, powered through the pain and got 1000 words before My Favorite Daughter (I still owe you a story about her) needed something from the store. Went and got that with the intention of continuing writing. The Mrs. got home shortly after I did and we talked for a bit and I decided to call it an early night.

Hopefully this headache will go away quickly. before going vegetarian these sinus headaches used to be debilitating. Now they’re an annoyance.

More words tomorrow. The end of this book is in sight and I’ll be jumping straight into V&A 3. It’s exciting to be getting this massive story arc going. Can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

Time to hit the sack.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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