Daily Log: 2018-09-21

Hey Crew,

It’s Friday! WOO WOO! I didn’t think the weekend would get here. On Tuesday, I thought it was Thursday. Until I logged off for the day and had to actually think about what day it was. Wednesday I woke up and thought it was Thursday. Until I logged off and realized it was time for the writer’s group meeting. Yesterday I had to doublecheck to make sure it was Thursday because I wasn’t certain. Today? Yeah, for some strange reason I had a week of Thursdays. It wasn’t until the day was half-over I realized it was actually Friday.

I made it!

The getting up at 4am has really thrown my brain for a loop. You’d think after the Mrs. leaves to go to her work out, I’d be able to crash for a little bit. Yeah. Didn’t happen.

So I’m popped.

Did the day job. This week was getting a report template built for a couple different styles of reports as well as a table to pull in counts so we don’t need to pull those from the millions of records from the main table. Once that was done, it was easy to generate a couple dozen reports that we needed for upper management. Felt good to get all those done and happy to see them execute so quickly compared to hitting the main table.

If none of that made sense, fear not. It did to me because that’s my job 🙂

Got done, made some dinner, did some dishes, a little putzing around the house. Watched another episode of Luke Cage (love the Marvel shows on NetFlix) and managed to watch 0 minutes of news today (I’m getting better). Practiced bass for about an hour. Write 1000 words in about an hour. Slow today because my brain is frazzled.

I don’t think I need to get up early tomorrow for anything. We shall see. Hopefully, I can get caught up on my sleep and be refreshed to his the keyboard this weekend. Might not get much time so I’ll need to take advantage of every minute I can. I’ll explain as the days go by 🙂

I’m off to bed.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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