Daily Log: 2018-09-26

Hey Crew,

Wow, what a late, late night.

The day started out mostly normal with the day job. There was an announcement that had me worried at first, but my fears have been averted. Nothing I can talk about, but suffice to say, what happened to me last year, shouldn’t be happening again this year (or anytime soon). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, reach out to me and I’ll tell you personally as I don’t want to talk about my job or my employer on this blog.

My buddy is starting his own business washing windows. If you live in the San Diego area and need windows washed, I know your guy. Again, reach out to me and I’ll send you his contact info. My Favorite Daughter is working on his logo and will do many other things to help him out (website, flyers, door hangars, business cards, etc). I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

Anyway, he spent a good chunk of the day at my house using it for practice to get the hang of what he’s doing. He’s not the fastest right now, but he’ll get better.

Once he was done, I was also done with the day job. I made some dinner before getting on the weekly writer’s meeting. Always fun catching up with everyone. Two of us challenged each other. My goal for the week is ~20,000 words. After today, I’m not certain I’ll get there. Why?

The Mrs. got home shortly after the call ended. I helped put away some groceries, we talked for a bit and I thought I’d go sit down and start banging out words.

My niece called. She needed help with her laptop. Several issues.

I’ve said this many times, family comes first. Well, my health comes first, then family. Without my health I can’t always be there for my family. At any rate, I’m usually pretty good at figgering things out with computers. I thought I had her issue corrected at least 3 different times and each time, I was way wrong. She was able to use the home computer to complete her homework and I’ll revisit her laptop this weekend and get things corrected.

That put us around 10pm. Well, today was the Big Brother finale. So the Mrs. and I watched it. After my niece left. So I didn’t sit down at the writing computer until after 11pm. I’m pooped.

I knocked out 500 words and I just can barely keep my eyes open.

So that was my day. Unexpected, unplanned, but I still wrote words and wrote a blog post. No more excuses. Wring daily. Blogging daily. I can do this!

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!


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