Daily Log: 2018-09-28

Hey Crew,

It’s Friday! Woo Woo! Day Job was a bugger this week. Not in a bad gosh i wish I had a different job kind of way, but in a mentally exhausting let me sit in front of the TV for hours kind of week. Today was no exception. I needed to get a lot of reports created and take a number of trainings. Taking a day off in the middle of the week didn’t help matters, but you roll with the punches life deals you.

Today was no different and I got everything done workwise that I had intended to get done and then some.

Writing? Well, I had a couple shallow days. I’m happy with my 7 day word count over all, but know I’m capable of so much better. Today I knocked out 2200 words (one of my better days) and that’s after getting a late start yet again. That writing is 1 hour of writing. I keep telling myself, write for longer you’ll have better days. Start earlier you’ll get more words done. My brain is still focused on the national mess we’re in and I ate dinner tonight and started watching the news. I should know better by now.

This weekend will be busy, so I need to take advantage of my mornings to get my writing done much like I’d done last weekend. So look for earlier posts from me.

Oh, and before I started to ramble, I had intended to give you my 7 day word count. I’m just over 10,000 words. As I said, good, but I know I can do better. I’m at the end of this book and just crossed the 90,000 word line. That’s where I thought I would be done. I will wrap this one up before 100,000 words of that I’m certain. One POV character is already in place for the sequel and I’ll be finishing his thread soon. The other POV Character needs to finish off the big battle that’s coming up. That will be…interesting. I didn’t paint my character into a corner, but he is in over his head and will need some backup.

That said, I should be getting started on V&A Shipping 3 next week. The title for that one will be Rogue. I hope to crank that one out and also get GRPC3 completed before the end of the year. Then I can jump into Almost-Super Heroes 3 and have all the 3s completed. That will give me 6 books left to complete in this 15 book story arc.  It’s weird to think I’m getting that close. Every book takes me one step further to my goal.

Going on a weird tangent from that, I need to cut open my finger. As I mentioned the other day, I tried to break my fall by grabbing a cactus. A cactus with very long needles. Ow. So in one of my fingertips, I’ve got a broken needed. In the palm of my left hand, I’ve got a broken. I don’t know how deep the are and that’s why I’m reluctant to get in there and dig around. I’m hoping for the best at this moment and we’ll see what happens.

It’s about time for my to turn into a pumpkin. Tomorrow may be Saturday, but I’ll be up early.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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