Daily Log: 2018-10-02

Hey Crew,

Another regular day. Work, workout, dinner, dishes, got sucked into watching the news because of a 13,000 word report that came out. Dang it! I can’t wait for this endless newscycle to end. I honestly tried to avoid the news all day, but this was something I couldn’t ignore and needed to know more about what it all meant. if you’re following the news, you know of what I speak. If you’re not, it’s just more of a mess than it was before.

I did, however, get 1000 words knocked out. Going to try for a few more after writing this. I’m in the endgame of this book. I had a lot to set up for the 3rd and 4th books so when I’d done the big re-read and edit of what I had so far, I planned much of what’s happening now. All the tension has ratched up and things are going boom. Right past what I’d scheduled and planned. Which is good for the story. It’ll weigh in around 100,000 words and, as I said, this story is setting up a lot of heavy lifting not only in this story, but in the V&A Shipping story I’ll be writing next.

I’ll probably write for a touch longer after I post this. I’m not sure because I feel I’m repeating myself and forgetting what I typed a paragraph before (looks up, yeah, I’m repeating myself). Was up at 4am so it’s tough to keep my eyes open and remain focused. Thankfully tomorrow won’t be a 4am (or 5am) kind of day. Did a few training courses for work as well as a bunch of coding, so my brain is drifting. These things tend to happen.

I think I’ll hit the sack and get a good night’s sleep.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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