Daily Log: 2018-10-07

Hey Crew,

Another later night (for me) and another short post. Longer posts will resume tomorrow.

Got nearly 750 words done today despite a busy day. I’m one chapter away from ‘the end’ and I’ll knock that out in the morning. I was going to try and do it tonight but, 1) I’m tired and 2) I need to get up at 4am. So best for me to go to bed and hit it first thing in the morning and I’ll start on V&A 3 in the evening.

We had a great time at my niece’s 1st birthday party. Always a wonderful time spent with family. She is a very happy little baby and so much fun. We had gotten her a little wooden stroller for her dolls and she was holding onto it and cruising all over the party hall. So adorable.

We had a little excitement seeing the SpaceX launch up in the sky over San Diego. if you follow me on any social media, I got a great picture of it.

My eyes are burning from being open too long. I’m off to bed. More tomorrow.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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