Daily Log: 2018-10-18

Hey Crew,

I’m not going to forget to hit Publish twice tonight. WordPress is weird and likes to make sure you really want to publish before you hit the publish button. I should have known better, but hey, I was sleepy. it happens.

Moderately busy day today with the day job. The Mrs. didn’t get up at 4am so slept in a bit until around 6am when my brain suddenly said “HEY! WHY AREN’T YOU WIDE WIDE AWAKE RIGHT NOW!” and I got up as if something was wrong and realize I didn’t need to be awake, but there was no turning back so I logged into work.

Got a lot accomplished with some reports I’m building and I’ll get those uploaded to production tomorrow. Will be nice to have those off my plate. Will also do a couple trainings tomorrow.

I keep talking about ‘training’ with regards to work. It never occurred to me to actually explain what I’m doing.

The company I work for is doing a lot gearing up for a 2020 transformation. Internally, there are hundreds of trainings and dozens of tracks employees are able to take. All for free. So you can pick an area of interest, like Big Data, or Software Defined Networking, and take all the training that’s offered. Why is this important?

The company moves. Therefore some jobs that are important today aren’t so important tomorrow and they’ll do what’s called surplussing of those employees that aren’t needed in areas the company isn’t going to focus on anymore. This hit me twice in my career so far, and both times I landed another posistion. The current position I have is because I’m a developer and I took a lot of data security related courses. It pays to stay ahead of the curve.

That said, I don’t ever want to be in a position where that might happen again. Even though I’m in a group that’s considered a 2020 group and we have a multi-billion dollar project we’re working on, I want to make sure if there’s ever a shift, I’m ready to shift. If not, hey, it’s free training and fascinating to learn.

Moving on, had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. Went to my father-in-law’s with My Favorite Daughter so I could take care of my sister-in-law’s dog. He’s got a terrible ear infection and it needs regular cleaning, though it is getting much better with medicine and drops to help fight off the infection.

Went took the back roads back home and stopped off to see the Mrs. at work, got some EverBowl and SubWay for dinner, came home, did a little bass practice, then did some writing. Got about another 1000 words tonight. More will happen tomorrow.

So far this week, I’ve watched 0 hours of news. I think I’m going to keep this trend up. I’m feeling better, more positive, and am getting a lot more done. I need to get books written and if I don’t write them, no one else will.

I’m off to bed. Hit the button twice, Jay.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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