Daily Log: 2018-10-20

Hey Crew,

Ah, lazy day today. I needed one of these. Was still up early, but the Mrs. and I spent it watching TV, ordering food, and spending it, mostly, at home.

I did get the oil changed and got a haircut. So I did leave the house for a little bit. 🙂

Also filled out my mail-in ballot and helped the Mrs. with hers. I’ll be taking notes and walking my favorite daughter through all the props and how to read up on the candidates so she can make educated choices instead of picking at random.

Voting is a right and a responsibility. It’s not easy and many props are written to be confusing intentionally. That’s why I’ll help her (and her boyfriend) learn how to read the ballot material and how to look up additional information (who’s for, who’s against, and why).

My Favorite Daughter and I also watched You may be the killer. It’s a fun watch if you’ve ever seen a horror movie that involves the killing of camp counselors. It hits pretty much every horror trope out there. Lots of fun.

Spent some time doing a little bass practice. It’s rather strange. The more I practice the songs I’m working on, the better I’m getting at them. Still, need to do more work on Punk Rock Girl, but I’m getting there. So many fun songs to learn.

I had intended to write more than I did today. As I said, it was a lazy day and it felt good to kick back and relax for a change. Got around a thousand words down and I felt good about those words. Helped set up the entire book and I may need to cycle back through these chapters once I get deeper into the book to make sure that setup still works. So much fun.

One of my favorite TV shows is back on. Gold Rush. The Mrs. and I started watching back on the first season and I really enjoyed it and stuck with it. Part of that show was the inspiration for GRPC. If you think about it, Gold Rush, Prospectors (on the Weather Channel of all channels), Pacific Rim, and Real Steel were what sparked the creation of GRPC. Giant Robots, fighting, mining, it’s all there. If you ever wonder where I get my inspiration, I ask you, where wouldn’t I get my inspiration? It’s all about how you see the world. 🙂

Right now, I’m going to look at the world from the back of my eyelids.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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