Daily Log: 2018-10-30

Hey Crew,

Another day, another 1000 words. I’m ready for NaNoWriMo. I shouldn’t have a problem hitting my word count. Except on Nov 6th when I’ll probably be glued to the TV watching election results. But hey, I’m a political junkie. It’s like my world series.

Speaking of the World Series, I did catch parts of a couple of the games. Looks like the Red Sox dominated every game save the 18 inning game which I did get to see the end of while in Vegas. Very cool.

Speaking of Vegas, wow. Did that trip run me down? I’d gotten food poisoning at some point in the last day or two we were there and it was a struggle driving back home knowing I needed to stop or wonder if I could actually trust my next fart. We did make a couple stops along the way and boy howdy did I need those stops. By the time we got home, I had a raging headache and not from a hangover (though we did tie one on the last night we were there 🙂 ). I’ve got video evidence of just how much fun was had as we raced spouses in the luggage trolleys. Good times, good times.

So yesterday was a terrible day as well. I had crashed Sunday as soon as we’d gotten home. Felt a little better yesterday, but wow I needed to crash again. After a couple of naps, toast, rice, and bananas, I was much better today.

Today was fun. I knew before I’d gone on vacation that I’d have a couple of new tasks for work. What I wasn’t expecting was 4 new tasks and each of them quite different and two of them not really something I’d worked on before. It’ll take some research and digging, but I’ll figure them out. Working in data security for a large company is interesting and challenging and that’s what I love about my new job. It’s not the same thing day after day.

Back around to writing. V&A 3 is chugging right along. I’ve already introduced two new characters to the universe that will have far-reaching consequences. One beyond this book, the other in this book. Not sure where it’s all headed at the moment, but I’m excited to find out. When I convince myself to actually sit and start typing, wow, it’s so much fun. Vic is still Vic and really wants to be in charge, June is the mother hen of the group and tries to keep everything together. Joey, well, he’s Joey and if you know what happened in book 2, he’s still trying to deal with everything. B.T. Justice? Let’s just say that he’s in dire need of a hamburger 🙂

Tomorrow is an early morning. Normally I read in the morning, but I’m thinking of doing my bass practice in the early morning hours so when I’m done with work, I can work out, dinner, dishes, and get to writing. You know, get into a routine.

With a new puppy in the house, a routine will be a challenge. I’d forgotten how much attention they demand and how often you need to run them outside before you get a surprise on the floor. In the coming days, I’ll post a picture or two of the little one. Her name is Koda (Little Bear) and she’s too adorable.

At any rate, it’s late. I’m tired and still trying to get caught up on my sleep.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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