Daily Log: 2018-11-02

Hey Crew,

NaNoWriMo day 2: I got my daily words for meeting NaNoWriMo down today. I need to write for a bit longer to catch up to what I missed yesterday (only 1000). I will get caught up to that point. I’ll try to get them done tonight. We shall see what happens.

The Mrs. has to work tomorrow so I’ll spend time in the chair getting words down. The last chapter was a tad slow, but I feel needed to fill in some background for those that may choose not to read Almost-Super Heroes and will need that backstory. It’s also interesting for those that may have read ASH and would like a little more detail filled in. Either way, it’s a good chapter. I’m liking the new character. She will definitely have an impact in V&A 4 as well as the Military Sci-Fi Trilogy. Not 100% sure what she’s up to thus far and I’m curious to find out.

B.T. Justice is doing things you’d expect him to be doing. His chapters almost write themselves. Now that I’m a little into the book, I’m thinking I’ll be switching to his POV more often than I normally do. I tend to flip between all the POV characters, but I may to 2 on the Acid Ratt, then a BT chapter, and back again. BT has grown far more than I ever expected and I think he deserves more of this book. Again, we’ll have to see what happens. For now, the characters are on different, but converging paths.

All this I’m working on, and my brain is already thinking about GRPC book 3. Ravi has so much story to tell.

Beyond that, I keep thinking about when I get each 4-book set complete when I’ll be putting out sets with all 4 books in them. Honestly, that’s what I think I’ll start to see some sales actually happen. Well, and also when I start pumping out the books.

My Favorite Daughter will be using my book covers as a project for her class. She needs to rebrand someone/something. Her thought was she could help me with my branding for her class project. I’m all for that idea.

It’s late, I need to get more words down before I head off to bed. Tomorrow is another day and more words will happen.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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