Daily Log: 2018-11-04

Hey Crew!

Another NaNoWriMo day. I had thought I’d have more time in the chair today than I did given the extra hour we gained last night. Turns out I was wrong. I did, however, get 1400 words in before the day went all winky on me. And got in about 45 minutes of bass practice between what I thought would be at least two writing sessions.

With a new puppy in he house there is much to do, so we took the puppy to the vet to get her started on her shots. Hat took much longer Ha n anticipated. Getting back we had lunch and got ready to head to my faher-in-law’s o spend the day over there. Good visit as always and brought along the puppy so she could experience grass for the first time. Being that we have zero scaping, all she has here is concrete, rock, and diet to explore.

While there, both the Mrs and I started getting headaches. Turns out, a marine layer had moved i n and both of our sinuses suffered. Ugh. Been a while since I suffered from my sinuses filling up and my head throbbing.

In fact, went to bed almost as soon as we got home. I did knock out a couple hundred more words before I couldn’t take it any more. In fact, I was almost asleep when I realized I hadn’t posted yet. Perhaps I should do these first thing in the morning:-)

At any rate, off to bed to contend with my sinuses. Been so long since this happened, all he meds for sinuses have expired. If this continues tomorrow it’ll be time to buy some Sudafed.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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