Log Post: 2020-02-07

Hey Howdy Hey gang.

There is much going on in the background. I had intended to do more writing today than I did (which was all of none.)

It happens.


The site desperately needed an update. 4 books have been added. I am such a slacker. SLACKER!

Please forgive me.

At any rate, my brain power was eaten up by getting the sites updated and cleaned up. Somethings needed to be removed and should have been removed over a year ago. Like links to Create Space (which doesn’t exist any more).

Going forward, I will do better at keep the site up to date. Yes, it was easy enough before, but when you put things off, as I did with this site, it takes longer than it should have.

That’s the take away from this. Don’t put things off. Get them done and it’ll take less time than if you wait, and wait, and wait. Like my front yard in dire need of weeding. I’ve put that off as well. Now I’ll need to spend hours weeding the front yard. You’d think I’d learn.

Some day.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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