Had to deal with something today.

When puppies get older, say around 18, they start having lots of health issues. Our puppy is mostly blind, mostly deaf, missing most of her teeth, but still acts like she’s a puppy. Which means when something happens, like it did today, it’s difficult to process because we don’t look at her like an old dog. She’s an 18 year old puppy.

At any rate

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  1. Harvey Stanbrough

    Sorry for your loss, JR.

    • Hey Harvey. Thank you. We didn’t lose her, but she isnt doing well. Still taking care of her just uncertain what actually happened to her. At 18, it could be anything and we need to make the tough choice of how to deal with an elderly dog.

  2. We all love our puppies, no matter what their actual age. We spent 2 years getting over the loss of our 2 pugs ( they were 14 and 15), and now we are raising a new pup. Well he is now a year old but very much a pup. (Mini Golden Doodle) silly name but awesome dog. Wishing you and your pup the best!Adam. 

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    • Thank you Adam. We’ve had her since she was born. All her brothers and sisters, who were given away, are long gone. She has been the most resilient little dog. I know she isn’t long for this world, but want to make sure she has the best life until then.

      She is in pain meds and anti-inflammatories which seems to be helping. Can only take it day by day now.

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