Progress is coming…tomorrow.

Tomorrow I begin with doing 1000 words per day (minimum) for as long as I can. Books ain’t gonna write themselves. Yes, I will continue with the Murdock Minute reviews. We’re almost done with the MCU movies and can move on to more book reviews. I’m excited to drop a number of those before jumping to something else, like graphic novels and web comics.

I’m thinking about ramping things up with my TikTok channels. I dropped a simple time lapse video that got over 400 hits in a couple of days. I think it’d be good to drop some quick videos talking about my books and me. Something similar to 5 a day with Jay, but far shorter. We’ll see. Lots of things in motion.

The books I plan to write this year (at least) will be GRPC book 3, Almost-Super Heroes 3 and 4, and V&A Shipping 4. If I can squeeze out a 5th book, it’ll be GRPC book 4 which means the first books I’ll write next year will be the Military Sci Fi that will wrap up the 15 book arc of all those books. It’s exciting to think I’m that close.

Anyway, until next time!

Stay Awesome!

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