Inner Monologue?

While writing this evening, I noticed something I’m sure I’ve noticed before, but never gave much thought. Pretty much all of my characters have non-stop running inner monologues.

I think I noticed this while reading many books and short stories over the past few weeks. First off, my brain tends to wander while I read if I don’t read quickly and my mind will start to think and process something unrelated to what I’m reading. But I also notice this happens during dense descriptive paragraphs.

I do descriptions to a degree, but nothing like the books I’m reading. Yes, I do a good description. I like writing and describing things, but from my POV character, it’s them processing what they’re looking at and how they feel about what they’re seeing and relating it to something they’ve seen or experienced. What I’m reading…it feels more clinics in the descriptions. Almost as if I’m reading an instruction manual and telling me how tab A fits into slot B.

Now, I know one thing I often miss in my books and stories are those lengthy descriptions letting people know how the world and universe works and functions. So, this is my chance to make certain I’ve included enough detail to flesh out the world.

I’m mostly confident I did. We shall see.

Until next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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