My first time being on the other end of an interview.

It’s not too often I get to try something new at work. Sure, there are challenges that come my way and I face them with the gusto I face any challenge.

A majority of the time, those do not require me to interact with other people.

This week saw me on the other end of the interview chair. It was a nerve-wracking process. My goal was to keep things on track. Stay level-headed. Try to keep the interviewee comfortable. Oh, and keep the other two aiding me in the interviewing engaged as well.

My boss had already interviewed the candidates, but wanted 3 of us to do a follow-up interview to see how the candidates might fit with the team personally and professionally. I feel the three of us accomplished that. All 3 interviews went great. The most difficult part was ranking the candidates. It went from a relaxing interview, to the 4 of us talking in cold terms about how we felt about each candidate.

I think the team will benefit regardless of which person is selected. We lost a great team member and all 3 we interviewed bring a lot to the table.

On the writing front, words happened. More may happen this weekend. We’ll see.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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