I’m stuck in a rut, but not with my writing.

I love playing video games. Be it on my phone or on my computer. If you gamify something, like learning, I’ll play that game all day long. There are measures of success. Levels to work through. Usually a clearly defined goal to get to.

Every so often, there will a level that will come up. There will be something about that Angry Birds level that eludes me and I can’t get past it. Or breaking blocks and it feels to random that there’s no getting past that level. Or even a boss that needs to be defeated and no matter how many times I try, I cannot get past him. I’ll try over and over again and my frustration will grow because I know there has to be a way past that level, right? Others have gotten past it. Others have made it past and posted videos how to do it, yet I’m stuck.

This is where I’m at with my writing career. I’ve hit a level I cannot get past and I’m unsure what it is I’m doing wrong. I feel I’m doing everything right, but I’m not seeing results. I’m doing everything I can to get to that next level, but I’m not performing the correct movements. I’m not doing the correct incantation. I’ve not summoned the correct gods of made the right sacrifice.

As frustrating as this is, I know I must move on. Why? Read the quote in the image above again. I’m going back to where I stated with all this. Writing stories that make me happy. Stories I want to read and only I can write. I’m not done with trying to keep my career going. Heavens no. I’ve thrown in the towel one too many times. This time, I press forward for me. If others come along for the ride, I think that’s awesome.

Some day I will figure out the secret combination that is growing my audience. That’s where I’m stuck is trying to figure out how to get people to notice what I’m doing. For now, it’s all about creating art, and pumping that art out consistently. Moving forward, getting works into the wild, and letting people find me.

For now.

Yes, one day I’ll need to do more, but for now, I’ll be happy with this level and not let it get me down. I’ll keep banging my head against the door and pounding my fingers on the keyboard. Much of discovery is about luck. The more content I put out, the less luck I’ll need for someone to find me.

Until next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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