Still adjusting.

My brain is still getting used to waking up super early and going to bed earlier than I used to. Adjusting my sleep schedule isn’t going as smoothly as I had anticipated.

To that end, this will be a shorter than normal post tonight.

  1. I am getting words down on the page early in the morning
  2. I am getting my workout in early in the morning.
  3. I am tired.
  4. I am getting reading time in.
  5. Other things in the afternoons have been eating up time where I would normally be writing
  6. I’m tired.
  7. I’m watching Dean Wesley’s Smith series on Heinlein’s Rules of Writing (good stuff!)
  8. I’m tired.

Yeah, I need to go to bed and get up cray early. I know it’ll take time, but I will get there and will get my schedule adjusted. For I want to get books written. Many books and many more short stories.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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