Out of an abundance of caution…

Today I went and got tested. After a few days with a fever that won’t go down and a mild headache that’s more annoying than anything, combined with feeling a little run down, I took the day off from work and went and got tested. I won’t have my results for a few days and hopefully all is well.

I did spend time looking at the symptoms and if I am positive, my symptoms are very mild. I’m not concerned that this is anything more than an annoyance, but want to know for certain. This may impact more people that just me so I will self quarantine this weekend in the house until I know for sure.

I did sleep in. Took a break from the morning workout. Took a nap. Did some reading. Watched some TV. Watched a few of Dean Wesley Smith’s Heinlein’s lecture series. Wrote a little.

One thing I did was open up all the photoshop book covers for all the books I’ve done. I know I need to get cranking those out. I want to get the ebooks done and follow up with the print books. Looks like I’ll have all weekend to get that done so I will start on that tomorrow.

I’ll also spend some time recording this weekend. I’m running out of backlog and need to get content ready to go! I’m slacking. Can’t let that happen.

Another thing I need to take care of (yes, I’m working on a list) is to get all the short stories I’ve written lined up and ready to publish as ebooks. I haven’t settled on a price point yet. I’ll also work on collecting them in Murdockian Tales collections. That’ll be fun.

Content, content, content. That’s my goal. It’s time to push forward and get things rolling. As I keep saying, I’m out of excuses. It’s time to get the work done!

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Hey Bro. I wish you the best and I hope you only have a cold or flu type infection. This is scary stuff. My wife got fully vaccinated, and I’m trying to get mine ( IT Manager) so maybe group 1B? We are just trying to keep our kids safe now. Anyway I hope you feel better and stay strong man!

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