I’m a ramblin’ man.

Hey Gang!

I spent some time today working on book covers once again. I have 4 books that are done, edited, and sitting around waiting for me to publish them. Yes, yes. I’m a SLACKER! I’m working on that.

One of the things I’m doing while watching Dean’s interpretation of Heinlein’s Rules is figuring out where I’m falling down on the job. I can tell you right now where I’m falling down. It’s easy to see where I fell down.

I’m not publishing what I finish!

If you’ve ever read Heinlein’s rules, you know how simple they sound. I’ve decided to take a short break from GRPC3 while I work on getting the 4 books I have done and need to publish, done and ready to go out the door. My plan is to get the ebooks and print books done and ready. Then over the next 16 weeks, get those books out into readers hands. Every two weeks, I’ll have a release. First the ebooks, then the print book. That means for 4 months I’ll be putting out a book a month. My hope is that during that time, I’ll have another book completed and ready to go and if I’m working hard, I’ll have two done. That means I’ll be about to have 6 months where I’m putting out a book a month.

Momentum! That’s what I’m working towards. I’d like to get these books written and out the door. Much like putting out 5 a day with Jay Videos, the only way to get the ball rolling is to GET THE BALL ROLLING! Inertia is the hardest thing to overcome. As I say in the video, the only way to get good at something is to start doing it and learning as you go. You’ll never be an expert out of the starting gate.

That said, watch this space. Books are coming.

Until next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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