How many iron in the fire can I have at once?

Let’s get the business part of this out of the way first, eh?

  1. V&A 1, 2, 3 – edits done and applied
  2. Golden West 1,2,3 – edits done and applied
  3. Supernatural Learning 1,2,3 – edits done and applied
  4. Murdockian Tales 1,2,3,4 – edits done and applied
  5. Almost-Super Heroes 1,2 – need edits
  6. GRPC 1,2 – need edits
  7. Astel – needs edits
  8. Paradise Palms – needs edits
  9. Billy Barbarian – needs edits

All these books have covers.

All these books need to have the ebooks formatted or reformatted.

All these books need to have the print version formatted or reformatted.

All these books need to have blurbs written.

All short stories need a blurb written

I’m thinking about doing a short ‘intro’ for each short story either explaining the inspiration and/or history of the story. Where it was submitted and possibly published. How they were received. etc. I think that’d be a fun addition to the short stories. Thoughts?

Needless to say, I’ve still got a LOT of work ahead of me.

On top of that, as I discuss in the video, I have other books I still want to write beyond the current 15 (or 16) book arc I’m working on that. Let’s see…

  1. Rod Lance – Space Dick. A series about a planet hopping private detective (not for the younger audiences)
  2. The Bassist – Possibly set in the same universe as Rod Lance

Those two will be under a pen name of Jay Bob to keep them separate from my “mini-van” safe books.

  1. More Supernatural Learning books
  2. More Billy Barbarian Books
  3. Finish off the Astel trilogy (or however many books it ends up being)
  4. The epic saga in the Of Gnomes and Dwarves series that will span many books.

One thing I do NOT have a shortage of is ideas. What I do have a shortage of is time to get these done. So, I’m making the best use of my time and writing the books I want to write. I mean, I’d LOVE to write them all at once, but that’s not possible. All I can do it knock out one book at a time, get it out to readers, and move on to the next one.

Combined with all that, I want to write more short stories. Yeah, no end of ideas for shorts.

Then I’m keeping up the YouTube channel and I want to add something else instead of me spending time talking to myself. I’m going to see if my co-author for the Jack Kane books, Mike Plested, is ready to write book 3 AND start a weekly video show we can host on YouTube.

As the title says, many irons in the fire. Now is the time for me to buckle down, focus, and start getting things done without allowing myself to get overwhelmed, throwing my hands up, and walking away again.

I’ve had the dream of being an author for a long time. I’ve always been the one to sabotage myself. It’s time to get serious and get producing.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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