Upcoming week.

No picture today.

I’ve been busy getting together all the print versions of, not just upcoming titles, but also those already in print. Remember, I did a mass edit at the beginning of this year. I need to get all those print interiors updated and out there. That’s been my Sunday.

Well, and My Favorite Daughter and The Boy stopped by with the puppies. Always great.

Next week I’ll be starting on Jack Kane, book 3. Excited to get words down again. Mike and I will round-robin the chapters and keep the story moving forward. This one will be a blast!

Also going to experiment more with OBS and adding background music and need to get the title card in there. Still much to toy with on that front. I’m loving that the Go Live on YouTube will make this process so much easier and save a TON of time.

Lots to happen in the coming weeks and months. Going to be interesting as things start to grow slowly and continually. This is one of the things I know need to happen and it’s the most difficult part about publishing is putting work out there and seeing the slowness of the growth. Slowness doesn’t matter. What matters is there is growth.

I’m off to go make magic happen.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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