It’s all about the journey…for me.

Recorded early this evening. Worked out in the morning. Now I have the rest of the evening to do stuff.

Side Note: It appears that I neglected to click “Stream Now” and clicked “Record Now”. We’ll figure all that out later. Mistakes will happen.

On the writing front, Monday I wrote somewhere around 500 words. I wasn’t happy with those words. They felt forced. I re-read them and last night, threw all those words out. It wasn’t right.

I started over. <grumble>

But, my idea for the start, I feel, was much better. Jack, by himself, in his Yard/Lab working alone. Well, with Hudson nearby. I was going to write the entire chapter with no dialogue, but no, it needed some.

The words flowed like water. In less than an hour and a half, I’d written nearly 2000 words and got that over the Michell Plested so he could begin work on his chapter.

This is how we write the Jack Kane novels. Round Robin style. It’s fun. We can head in a similar direction and riff off one another. Bring in each others characters as needed for a scene. Then see what they other did.

One of the things Mike and I do (now) when preparing for these stories is to know where we’re starting, and where we’re ending. We’ll discuss story beats that should happen. That’s about it. On book 1, we tried to plot chapter by chapter and the story got away from us. It’s still a good story, but came out rougher than intended and needed a lot of massaging to get right.

Book 2, that sucker flowed well, and we did minimal plotting.

We found what works for us. We’re not 100% discovery writers who sit and “BAM!” story. With two of us in there, we need to have a general sense of where the story is going. We also did some research that’ll be needed in the story as well. I’m having fun looking at old time trains. I feel like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Bazinga.

When I write stories on my own, I’m usually not too concerned where the story goes. I’m having fun writing and putting words down. I know and trust my writing enough these days that the story will get to where it needs to go. I’m more concerned with the journey the characters are on.

Yes, I take notes as I go. I keep track of names, species, ship names, hull numbers, identifications, and all that. I do my research before I write and put <insert research here> comments to keep me on track when I’m writing and need to fill something in I didn’t look up before sitting down.

What I’m saying is simple, I don’t let anything get in my way when I’m putting words down. I’ve written a good amount over the years. Nearly 2,000,000 words worth. I’ve read hundreds of books. I’ve studied though courses of those who’ve gone before me and found success.

The best part about this time around, I’m having more fun than ever before. I feel free not worrying about how many people are reading my blog or how many views my latest video got. Sure, I’m checking, but it’s not a driving factor for my current level of happiness. That’s all.

I’m off to enjoy the evening.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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