Different is different.

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut. When that happens, I like to try something a little different.

Tonight I put the GoPro on a tripod in a different position. Sat a little differently. Microphone was a little further away that normal. Nothing major, but different. Listening back, yeah, there’s a little echo. I can fix that. If I never tried, I wouldn’t know if it sounded bad.

At some point, I may buy a lapel mic and give that a shot, but for now, I’m not putting any more money into my setup.

The same thing about changing things up applies to my writing as well. Right now, I’m writing two books at the same time. This might sound jarring to some and mind-bending, but I assure you, it’s fun. It’s different. It’s keeping me engaged.

I wrote around 1500 words yesterday and got those back to my coauthor. Jack Kane is moving along. Nicely.

So is GRPC3. I wrote a little in it over the weekend, but mostly, I tried to relax playing a video game. Some times it’s nice to take a break.

I do multiple things when I sit at this particular computer. I write. I play video games. I watch TV and YouTube videos. I record videos for youTube. I edit photos and videos. Social Media. Email. Bills.

You get the point.

Writing is only one small part of what I do on this computer. When I sit down, at times, it can be difficult to focus on the task at hand no matter the task. I wear many hats and have thought about that and what I can do about it.

One thing I’ve thought about is getting a dedicated writing computer. Something not connected to the internet that is intended for writing only. Nothing else. This would force me to focus when I sit at that machine. Much like my work laptop. I only use that for work. Nothing else. It keeps me focused and prevents me from doing something else instead.

That option could be expensive so I’m not going to do that at this time. Though I would love to. I still have my NetBook, but it’s a slow, clunky POS that needs to be retired.

Another option I have at my disposal is to create another login on the home PC that’s dedicated to writing. I could default it to not connected to the internet and ONLY have my writing software on that login. This as well would force me to focus. It’s an option I’ve giving serious thought.

At this time, I’m not going to do that. I’m doing well at keeping myself focused. Oddly, as I’m typing up this blog, I have a YouTube video playing at the same time. I never thought I’d be able to write/type at the same time as someone else is talking about something unrelated. It’s weird. I mean, I can do it to music while humming along with lyrics, this isn’t that different, right?

At any rate, I’m about to stop this video and make some words happen!

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Audio Only: https://anchor.fm/jr-murdock/episodes/5-a-Day-With-Jay—0147-e122vtt

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