More title watching.

Ok, this is rather strange. I’ve been following several hardback books these past couple of weeks. It’s not uncommon right now to see an older hardback at a lower price than the Kindle edition. I still don’t get it, but hey, I’m taking advantage to pick up a couple of books I’ve wanted to read at a lower price than the Kindle edition. That’s how I’m rolling right now.

But, a couple of those hardback titles I’ve been checking and looking at regularly because I’m interested in related titles. What I’m seeing happen now is the hardback prices are fluctuating wildly.

For example, one book I’m interested in, the Kindle edition is $14.99. In fact, all the books I’m looking at are by major publishers and the Kindle editions are all $14.99. Those haven’t moved.

What has moved has been the hardcover price. One book this morning was over $35. It’s on pre-order as the book doesn’t come out for a few days, but there’s no way I’m paying that price when I’m getting other, similar books for around $15. This afternoon I still had the page open and refreshed it. The hardback was down to $14. I checked the other books I’d bought and those prices were up from when I’d bought them.

I’m confused.

When I set a book price, normally it’ll take a LONG time for that price to change. Usually within 24 hours. To see all these books ramp up and down in a given day is strange and I’m wondering what’s behind the pricing changes. How are they getting adjusted up and down so quickly? I did set up my camelcamelcamel watches, but I don’t think it’s grabbing the prices multiple times per day.

That said, these books I’m looking at are all political in nature. Yes, I’m still reading (auto)biographies and genre books, but I’m looking at some political books for other reasons. I’ve always been fascinated by politics and reading about the goings on has been eye-opening and interesting.

As I’ve said many times before, I won’t discuss politics on this blog. If you’re curious about what books I’m digging into, drop me an email and I’ll tell you all about them.

I wish I had more insight, but these are just some simple observations.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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