Boy Howdy is it warm.

The other day I was out and passed this train that I’ve many times over the years. It’s in La Mesa and on the way to the Dr’s office. If you recall, I went to get a test that came back negative. I’m a little apprehensive about a journey we’re about to take into the heart of the latest outbreak. All precautions will be taken by all involved.

As for the heat. Good golly it’s getting to me. Spent a majority of the day wanting to take a nap, but it was far too hot to do so. Combined with a headache that didn’t want to go away until a few minutes ago, it’s made for an exhausting day and we didn’t do anything. I hindsight, we should have turned the AC on.

Live and learn. You’d think after 50 years I’d be able to think through things like this.

My Favorite Daughter stopped by today to do some laundry. Was nice to have her and the puppies over again.

I need to relax for a while.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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