Let me say, I love having a GoPro. No, I’m not a sports athlete. I’m not a life-changing adventurer. What I like to do with my GoPro is set it up, and take time lapse videos of the clouds, stars, sunsets, sunrises, oh…and nature.

This little fellow, when we were “camping” yesterday, ran up and started eating out of the dog’s food dish. Rather than throw the food out, because we weren’t going to let the dogs eat it, we left it out for the ground squirrels to take away.

I say “take away” because it was obvious they weren’t eating the food. Like the buddy above, they were packing their cheeks and running away. Oh, and I should clarify. At first there were two or three. Yes, we saw other holes and pock marks where lots of digging had happened. What we didn’t know was mom, dad, and baby were going to bring all their friends.

Over the course of an hour, they emptied out the dog bowl and water dish. I got about 20 minutes of it on video which I will edit, clean up, and post online one day soon. And by ‘they’ I mean there were probably a dozen of them coming and going, running food back to their holes. Big ones, small ones, middle-sized ones. Behind the one at the bowl, two or three would scuffle and run off. Lots of cheeps and yelps. It was quite interesting to watch.

We’re packing for another journey. We get up crazy early.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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