I thought I forgot something…

Yesterday was a strange day.

I dont have a reminder set up to make a blog post. I normally find time to do the post and it happens. Whoops.

So ends a 215 day streak.of blogging every day. I dont feel bad about that. I will continue to blog regularly. I feel more dumb for letting the day get away from me and not getting a post up.

What I will likely do going forward is drop almost first thing in the morning. This means it will be out of the way and I won’t forget since it will be done when I get up. Since I wasn’t setting a reminder or doing the blog on a schedule, there were times I would almost forget and do it very late at night.

We are starting all over at day 1 with this streak. These.things happen. I won’t beat myself up over this. Simply keep going forward. I’m human. I make mistakes.

Until next time!

Stay awesome!

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