We all start somewhere.

I’ve said since I restarted this blog, one of my goals was to be completely transparent in what’s happening. One of my other goals was to make $100 with my writing within 6 months. Organically. Meaning no advertising. Write, publish, mention it on the blog and Social Media, and move on.

That’s what I’ve been doing.

We started in May and since then, we’re at ~$50. Meaning about half that money was made this month alone. That’s where I keep reading on forums and FaceBook groups that each release pushes the previous release.

What you see in the above graph with the Gold and Blue, are Almost-Super Heroes 1 an 2. When book 1 dropped, I sold a few copies. When 2 dropped, I sold a few copies of book 2 and also a few copies of book 1. I had expected some of this, but I’m surprised at how well this month was. Honestly, I didn’t think that $100 goal was in reach. I see now, it very much is in reach.

My goal is still the same. $100 in 6 months. Very doable. V&A book 3 will drop on the last month and we’ll see what happens there. Also, I’ll have a collection of short stories drop from all the individual releases. And more short stories dropping.

By the time we get to a year into this, we’ll have dropped 6-8 books and 25 short stories. I’m very excited to see where this goes and grows.

That said, don’t forget, I’ve got a sale going in with my Golden West Trilogy. For $1.98 you can pick up all three books. And for some strange reason, the print editions are currently under $3 each? I mean, what have you got to lose?

Until Next Time!


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