I decided to push a little harder to see what happens.

Since putting the Golden West series on sale (first one is free), I’ve seen little action. Back in the day, when you made a book free, people would dogpile and snap up the book. I’ve never done that with Golden West, so thought, maybe this is what that series needs is a little push to get things moving.

Nope. Not happening. I love the covers, but that might not fully convey the story. The blurbs are a little clunky. I probably need to fix those.

Even so, I can address those another time. I chose to do a short TikTok video and put that up on all the social medias. It had a little help, I think. I gave away a few more copies, and sold a print version. Can’t argue with that. All I wanted to do was see what’d happen if I tried a little harder.

Still, seems SteamPunk doesn’t currently have the allure it once held.

Through the entire “sale” I’ve only sold one copy of the other two books (oddly, book 3). It’s also stayed in the top 100 Steampunk titles the entire time. I’m happy it there, but this is what got me wondering how few the entire top 100 must be selling (or giving away).

I do have another sale planned on a more popular book. Paradise Palms will be on sale next week. This has been one of my more popular books over the years and I’ve only done a free give away once with it. There’s fresh editing in there now, and I’ll drop it to .99 for a week and see if that helps that one out. Over the weekend I plan to revisit the description and get that cleaned up as well as make a short “It’s on Sale!” Video like I did for Golden West.

I don’t consider this sale/giveaway a failure. I learned a lot this week. I did some new things. It’s time to try again and see what happens.

I’m off to go get things done in preparation.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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