Really? That was it?

So this morning, the PC didn’t turn on. It was a bother. I ordered a new PSU because of what happened last time. I figured, rule out the most inexpensive part first, right?

Well, spent half-an hour ripping out the old PSU, and plugging in the new PSU outside the case (cuz I didn’t want to have to rip it out again if it didn’t fix the problem.

Well, it didn’t fix the problem. Still nothing happened. I’d started out with the original cables, switched the new cables. Still nothing. Since I was only a little bit into the fix, I searched the internet, as you do when you’ve run out of ideas, and there’s a post.

Oh, the CMOS batteries are garbage and need to be replaced after 6 months if you didn’t replace it with a quality battery when you installed the MotherBoard.


I had to remove all the cables, again, remove the Graphics Card to get to the CMOS battery. Popped it out. Put in a new one (it’s the same battery size as the car remotes so I had some handy, thankfully). Plugged everything in once again (externally) and…


Lights, color, fans spinning. Hazzah!

So I removed all the cables, again. Put them into the modular PSU. Mounted the PSU. Routed all the new cables. Tried a test boot before closing the case (success). Closed up the case, plugged everything back into the computer. And here I sit, happy with my success.

Yes, I know this is the second post today and I normally only do one. I felt excited to be able to sit at the computer and type something up.

I’m all sweaty and in need of another shower before I head to bed.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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