Updating some covers.

In an effort to ensure quality control, I spent some more time making sure book covers look the best they can. Updated several. Mostly the print versions that were a little too dark and looked bad when printed. Needless to say, it was some waiting involved.

I don’t feel alone in this effort of ensuring quality control and knowing it’s a painstaking process. If you follow Scott Sigler at all, you’ll get to see what a minor oversight caused to happen with an entire print run of hardcovers. The spine didn’t have the correct spelling or latest version they made of the spine.

The only benefit I have is I didn’t mass produce the book and was able to do a check prior to anyone else ordering a copy. My items are print on demand. What that means, for my books, is there may be a person out there with a one off of a specific book. I know there are one offs out there. Should I ever be mega famous, those books will be worth more than they are today.

At this point, I think I’m finally done tweaking books and can get back to producing content. Yes, this has slowed me down, but it feels good to know I’m putting out a better product. Being a one-man team means I handle every part of the process. It’s a challenge. One I gladly accept.

Feeling a little run down today. Going to take a nap and get on the day.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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