I think I made the right choice.

Based on the performance of my last several videos, I made the right choice to end 5 a Day With Jay after a year. If you watched the last video, and based on the view count, no one did, or the last few, I don’t want anyone to feel guilty about not watching my videos. It was a fun experiment and now it’s over.

It’s time to evolve.

Remember what I said. Please, do not feel guilty about not watching my videos. Many were long and rambly and if you watched one, it was easy to see where I was going. I’m not an entertainer. At least not with the videos I was doing. That’s why the format will change.

I will keep blogging daily. It’s good to keep my fingers moving and my brain active.

As for the Change, I’ll be doing a short story one week, a “Hey! It’s Jay!” video the following week. This will allow me to 1) record fiction, and 2) schedule content to drop on specific days. One week I’ll drop on Saturday (Short Story Saturday will return) and the next week I’ll drop Hey! It’s Jay! (Name pending, if you have suggestions, drop them and I’ll set up a poll).

For the short term, I’ll be taking a short break, returning in November. This will give me some time to record a few short stories and get those ready to post. It will be fun to drop short stories and gear up to start recording full books soon enough. It’s time. I’m way past due on getting recording done.

I’m off to play a little Crysis.

Until next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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