Yes, this will be a slow blogging week.

This week I’m doing some mental health refreshing as I prepare for next week and beyond. I’ve got plans-a-plenty and I need to be ready to execute them. Much like when I started doing the YouTube channel, I did much planning. Unlike the YouTube channel, I won’t wait months and months before jumping in and getting started.

If you watched any of the videos I did over the past year, one thing I stressed again and again: I’m learning as I go.

That means, to me, the past year wasn’t a waste. I learned a lot. Not just about producing videos, but about myself and how I prepare for doing those videos. I learned how to set up my camera and start talking from the moment I hit record. That, though I may be a bit self-conscious, I can do it. I can hit record and jabber on for several minutes about a topic and, for the most part, stay on topic.

It’s a lot like this blog. Yes, I do put some forethought into what I’m going to write, but this isn’t a formal review or essay. Nothing I’ve ever done on this blog has been anything more than me sitting and putting down words. Were I to look at this as my sole means of making money, yes, I’d put a LOT more time and effort into doing this blog. Mostly, this blog is for me to get my head straight. If others enjoy following along, thank you for being here and reading.

Speaking of reading, that’s one thing I noticed. When I post only videos, my hit count went WAY down on this blog. When I take the time to write something up, I see a significant uptick in blog hits. Be they bots or real people, I don’t know, but it’s nice to see traffic once more. Welcome!

In publishing news, Murdockian Tales V1 is out! Yes, there was an older version of Murdockian Tales and that one has been taken down and replaced with this edition. This collects the first 9 short stories I published this year. If you’ve been waiting for a collection, here is the ebook edition. The print edition will be available next month.

All the stories in this collection will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube and I will also publish the full text on this blog. There is no obligation to purchase the book, but it does help me know what you’re enjoying of my work and, of course, helps me in getting new works written and out there.

I’m off to go do that work thing.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Unlike Chauncey Gardiner, I like to read. 🙂

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