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Video Game I Played – Firewatch

I started Firewatch a few days ago and, since I was happy with what I’d gotten done this week, decided to finish the game tonight rather than stress about generating more content.

The game is more of a point and click visual novel. This is not an upbeat story, buy does have a bit of dry humor in it. As it starts, so it ends. On a down note. There is no resolution, just a snapshot of someone’s life doing what they need to in order to get by.

It had an interesting art style that adds to the charm of the game and it does well to guide you even if there are multiple paths and dialog choices.

All in all, I enjoyed it. It’s a shorter game that will fill a few hours if you choose to check it out. Nothing stressful, but not as relaxing as I was hoping for.


My Favorite Daughter and Hijo came over last night for reasons. They wanted to give see a movie. When they said which movie they were going to go see, they asked if the Mrs and I wanted to join them.

Rather than spend time looking up showtimes and heading to the theater, we chose to stay home, make popcorn, and curl up on the couches. Honestly, I’m enjoying this way of seeing new movies.

Between the MCU, Star Wars, and their own originals, other movie producers need to sit up and start paying attention. Disney has been doing movies right.

I’d seen the trailers for Jungle Cruise months ago, like everyone else. I thought it looked fun, but had no idea where they were going with it. Having been on the ride numerous times over the years, there isn’t much of a story there. Atmosphere, yes. Story, no. Just a lot of bad puns.

Oh, and this movie has bad pins. So many. The entire first act of the film expands on the ride before the story begins. And don’t let the beginning get past you. The initial cruise sets up the rest of the movie.

Dwayne Johnson is the same actor in every movie. This time he gets to play a Spaniard. I didn’t have any idea where the plot was headed until about halfway through the movie. This is a rare feeling for me and allowed me to enjoy the ride this movie took us on.

It’s almost a Pirates of the Caribbean meets Jungle Cruise. Great story, beautiful effects, lots of action. I mean, a movie with a plot! So refreshing.

We had a great time watching this one. I dont think they left room for a sequel, but I could be wrong.